President’s Message

The New Hyde Park Runners’ Club is a group of people of all ages and running abilities from New Hyde Park and the surrounding communities of northwest and central Nassau County, NY. We are very active in the Long Island running scene and are members of the Long Island Track & Field Association. We meet Sundays at 8:00 at Senator Michael J. Tully Park in NHP (next door to NHP Memorial H.S.) for a fun run of between 4 to 7 miles. On the third Sunday of each month we have a “bagel run and meeting”, also starting at 8:00 am. In addition, there are bike rides most summer Sundays at 6:45am for those who are dealing with a running injury or want to do a little cross training. Other runs are scheduled throughout the week. We sponsor the New Hyde Park 5 Mile race every June and hold various social events during the year. For for a complete schedule please see our “Events” page. This is how we went about creating a sign for the event.

If you’re looking for club that combines a healthy sport plus great social activities, the New Hyde Park Runners’ Club is for you! Come join us at one of our Sunday runs or at one of our meetings. Runners at all levels are welcome.

College Books and How we Give Back

abebooksStudents may select among various plans offered, which depend on the length of rental, the quantity of publications that can be hired in a level quick plus a good deal more. Increased rates since merely companies are increasingly being compared, not individual suppliers.

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